a photo tour of the grand bazaar

Istanbul Grand Bazaar is not your average shopping centre. With more than 60 streets and alleyways and over four thousand shops filled with Turkish lamps, spices, Turkish sweets. ceramics, fabrics, antique items, jewellery, leather….let me breath….Istanbul Grand Bazaar is truly a once in a lifetime experience. I’ve actually been to the Grand Bazaar twice and…

12 tips on travel photography

Documenting travels is a very important part of travel blogging. Travel photographs can take you back to a moment in time and can also allow others to experience that place through photos. The number of people who have told me they feel like they are travelling through my photos is phenomenal! Each and every city…

Postcards from venice

Venice is perhaps the most Instagrammable place in the world! Venice is the type of city that oozes beauty from every corner and what photogenic corners they are too! You could actually drop your camera and accidentally take a photo and it would still be a great photo – no jokes. As a photographer, I…

FOR THe love of autumn

Autumn is the perfect season for photographers looking to capture some stunning colourful landscapes, portraiture and wildlife. Autumn photography is arguably quite easy since everything looks so beautiful it’s almost impossible to take a bad picture. Having said that it’s always worth trying to improve your photography skills and maximising the chances of taking the…

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