Thoughts of a millennial southasian travel couple

Finding another couple who are as interested in travelling as us has always been a struggle. I mean we found some at university, some at work but when it comes to the Southasian social circle in the UK, it’s always been difficult. Conversations usually range from career to family to married life to buying houses but there’s no mention of any external hobby whatsoever. Whilst those are all amazing conversations to have, what we thirst for is some diversity in thoughts amongst our peers.

So when I tell my partner that I’ve actually met so many young Asian couple travellers on social media and we’ve now become friends in reality it feels amazing. And that’s what I wanted to explore, the rise of young Asian couple travellers who travel to explore and for luxury. Breaking away from traditional forms of travelling recognised in the community such as travelling “back home” or only to countries where they have friends and relatives. Also only travelling to pursue an education or to settle down. More couples are focusing on luxury over their traditional instincts.

The Boston Consulting Group Reports stated the millennial generation are more interested than older generations in traveling for luxury as much as possible. And I’m so excited to see this includes people from the Asian subcontinent. Couples no longer think of travelling as something they do once in a life (honeymoon) or an occasional trip to a nearby city. In fact travelling has become a source of inspiration for many.

Love for travelling has existed in every culture for years but often limited to a trip once a year. I believe one of the reasons was lack of focus on work-life balance and understanding the importance of stepping outside your home once in a while. The affect on mental health caused by the Covid lockdown has taught us the importance of leaving your home once in a while, socialising with people and breathing in new air. Travelling has phenomenal benefits for your mental health and therefore your relationship – something couples are now starting to understand.

More Asian couples are advocating for work-life balance and using their free time to explore the world and destress.

Less couples are chasing a lifetime of degrees and work and have learnt that an education/career are only as valuable as the benefits it provides for you rather than wasting their youth trying to find intrinsic value in a piece of paper. A culture deeply rooted in the glorification of education, work, earning money and stability are focusing more on mental and physical health, independence, free time, breaking barriers, stepping out of comfort zones.

More couples are becoming ambitious at younger ages, earning higher salaries and using that money to pursue meaningful hobbies that will develop their personalities. Gone are the days where young couples sacrificed their luxuries and money to solely focus on material assets such as buying a house. Asian couples are starting to create a level of balance with their finances by fulfilling their passions but also ensuring stability in their life.

More couples are taking the time out from the everyday grind to reflect on their priorities and work out what actually makes them happy. More couples are stepping out of their boxes, comfort zones and social circles to explore different lifestyles and thereby explore different mentalities. Things that were once considered a “must” in a couple’s life are no longer mandatory. It’s difficult to be confronted with so many different cultures and lifestyles, meet so many new people and not question the authenticity of the life you’re leading.

Gone are the days where young couples blindly followed the life dictated by elders. Gone are the days where sacrificing your time, money and youth on unsatisfying jobs, marriages and social relationships in the name of culture were glorified. These are valuable things and couples have learnt that what they really need is to step away from all this once in a while and focus on their own happiness. Travelling is the perfect way to do that.

If you allow it travelling has the potential to change your your mentality, your life and your marriage in a way you never realised was possible.


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