10 staycation ideas in the uk

2020 has proven that you don’t need to go to an airport to find adventure, It’s all here right in front of you! This year I made the conscious decision of not travelling outside the UK but instead exploring some beauties inside the UK which I probably would not have had the chance or willingness to otherwise. It’s strange how we’re always so keen to pack our bags and get on a plane to travel but refuse to show the same excitement for our own backyard. So in light of this, I’ve made a list of 10 of my favourite places to visit inside the UK.

1) the isle of skye

Neist Point Lighthouse

The Isle of Skye is the perfect example of a place which I’ve been planning to visit for years but for one reason or another I keep leaving the country every time I plan to travel. Situated off the west coast of mainland Scotland, the Isle of Skye is famous for its rugged landscape, beautiful mountainscapes, wildlife, medieval villages and….passing places. I visited the Isle of Skye this year in August and came back with more wanderlust than ever and also an urge to travel the rest of the UK.

2) york

York Minster from the city walls
The Shambles

York was actually my first trip inside the UK post the first lockdown. As much as I love natural scenery, there’s always something special about a city break. Discovering a vintage street that takes me back to some long forgotten era always feels special and there’s no better place for that than York. The architecture in York is what I feel makes it so unique. the stone carvings and masonry set against a beautiful countryside backdrop will make you feel like you’re in some Jane Austen novel. Other than York Minster itself you really need to explore the city to find other examples of stunning architecture.

3) durham

Durham Riverside walk
High Force Waterfall

Located in the North East of England and famous for it’s university and cathedral, I feel Durham is one of those underrated places in the UK which would be perfect for a weekend break in any season! The place totally changes colour every season. A deep green during the summer, a mixture of yellow and orange in the Autumn and a snowy fairytale during winter. The city has a very beautiful riverside walk which is where I actually started doing photography!

A 40 minute drive will take you to Barnard Castle and combined with the High Force Waterfall you’ll get the perfect day trip in the North East of England.

4) The cotswolds

Castle Combe Village

Half a century ago, the Cotswolds was declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) – and I couldn’t have described it better myself. From literary connections to areas of outstanding nature and heritage, the Cotswolds has something for everyone. As a bonus we visited the Cotswolds during Autumn and honestly I did not realise Autumn in the UK was so beautiful until I visited the Lower Slaughter and Castle Combe. Looking forward to writing a blog on this trip!

5) the peak district

Winnat’s Pass
Mam Tor

Much like the Isle of Skye, the Peak District is another place in the UK I’ve neglected to visit for years because every time I would prefer to jump onto a plane and go to a different country! Known as England’s oldest National Park, the Peak District is filled with charming mountains (expect a lot of hiking because I did just that), mixture of chocolate box like villages and well…Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte was actually staying in the famous North Lees Hall when she came up with the idea of Jane Eyre – pretty special for those who have read the book like me. Essentially, the Peak District encapsulates the vintage-ness of England.

6) the lake district

Located in Cumbria, I often feel the Lake District is like my second home since I seem to visit the place every year. Several years ago I made my first trip to Windermere which was then followed by Kendal, Derwentwater, Keswick and, most recently, Ullswater where we stayed at the amazing Macdonald Leeming House. Each of the market towns has its own signature beauty with Windermere being famous for having the largest lake and Keswick being famous for being the home of the world’s first pencil. I also love road trips around the Lake District itself and a lot of photos taken there are actually at random spots next to the road. .

7) edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of those cities I feel like I’ve taken for granted simply because I’ve lived in the North of England which meant Edinburgh was always just an hour journey away by train. But for those travelling from outside the UK or even the south, this place is like magic – and quite rightly so. You won’t find streets and monuments this beautiful in any part of the UK. Old Town is like a whole new world set in the Victorian era. The perfect mixture of Scottish culture, British vintage-ness and tourism. A staycation in Scotland will definitely be incomplete without a trip to the city of Edinburgh.

8) the scottish highlands

Village of Luss

So I decided to keep Scottish Highlands separate from Isle of Skye, simply because Isle of Skye deserved a space on its own and so did the rest of the Scottish Highlands! My favourite place was definitely Luss, a little picturesque village at the foot of the mountains with every house decorated with flowers 🌹 I particularly enjoyed the ferry ride from Balloch to Luss, the view of the mountains were so stunning and thankfully the weather was good too! I definitely have to cover the rest of the Scottish Highlands but I always feel no matter how many places I visit there’s always more to discover. The Scottish Highlands could potentially consist of several staycations inside the UK.

9) Wales


My trip to Wales consisted of covering several places including Llaldudno, Bodnant Gardens, Conwy Castle, Cardiff and ofcourse Snowdonia National Park. If you’re visiting Wales, you must see the Snowdonia National Park and Mount Snowdon which is the highest mountain in Wales and England. We were literally driving through clouds on our way to the mountain. If you don’t want to do the trek to the top, the best way to reach the summit of the mountain would be to take the Snowdon Railway. The best time to visit is summer since sometimes they can cancel the train journey and only go half way due to bad weather at the top of the mountain.

10) london

Yes ofcourse, how can I miss out London. A staycation in the UK would definitely be incomplete without visiting it’s capital. Since London is so famous it’s hardly necessary to dive into a parade about why you should visit London but for those looking for some specific tips on places to visit in London do check out my blog on “10 places to visit in London.”


So here’s a list of 10 places that would make for an ideal staycation inside the UK. 2020 has been a year which, despite all the restrictions on travelling, has made me realise the importance of appreciating your own country more and redefined the meaning of travelling for me. Travelling does not have to be expensive, try hiking – the mountains don’t charge you for climbing them. You don’t have to travel miles and miles to be considered a traveller – a place down the road could be something you’ve overlooked for years. The beauty of being a traveller is that the world is open for you to fulfil your dreams, whether you do this by travelling to a country on the opposite side of the planet or just driving to your nearest park and appreciating the natural beauty there.

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