Around the world in my hijab

As a Southasian Muslim girl, I have always taken a keen interest in my religion. Not just practising it but also attempting to make people see the truth behind what it means to be a Muslim. My Hijab is part of my identity, it makes me who I am, and it shapes me as a person. I don’t consider it a cloth on my head, rather something that determines my actions, my thoughts, the way I want to live my life. However, when I first started travelling I never thought twice about the connection between my Hijab and travelling and the repercussions this could have.

So, when I started travelling and blogging my travels, I found it surprising when people asked me questions like “is it difficult to travel with your Hijab?” “Do you face racism because of your skin colour?” “Has anyone ever treated you differently because you are Asian?” Gradually, it dawned upon me that due to negativity surrounding the concept of Hijab, not just in the media but within a person’s own community, girls out there actually find it intimidating to step out of the house and to explore different countries because they are worried about the comments and criticism, they may receive because of the way they dress. And this really upset me. You don’t have to compromise your religion or your faith to be able to travel, rather, you should travel more so that people out there who may have misconceptions can realise that in no way does our Hijab or our ethnicity prevent us from living our life to the fullest!

“Is it difficult to travel with your hijab? do you face racism because of your skin colour?”

My biggest dream is to not only share my travel stories and tricks but also to encourage women to feel comfortable and confident about travelling just the way they are. But this also applies to everyone who feel they might be treated differently because of a particular characteristic. Your religion, race, colour of your skin, gender, disability should never be a reason for you to lack confidence in any aspect of your life.

I also love interacting with travel bloggers from all over the world. Learning about their stories, admiring their photos and most importantly building a community where travellers support and share their experiences with each other is by far the best part of travelling. I feel that my religion, culture and the way I dress have opened up avenues for conversation with strangers. It’s great when people ask you about your religion and why you dress the way you do; curiosity and an open mind is the beginning of any friendship.

So finally, I hope you find my blog an informative, colourful and, above all, a positive space for all aspiring travellers and readers!


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